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Distributor Fukuoka Softbank Hawks Pte Ltd
Adress:Fukuoka PayPay DOME (inside)
Jigyōhama 2-2-2, Chuo-ku
Fukuoka City, Fukuoka 8108660
Contact Fukuoka Softbank Hawks Pte Ltd
Dome Tours Hotline
Price The price is displayed on the application screen on the official site. The price shown is tax included.
Necessary charges other than product price Payment fee
・There is no fee for using a credit card.
・Delayed damages are determined by the regulations of the credit card company used.
Payment Method 【Payment Method】
Credit card payment (collective payment only)、PayPay payment
【Due date for payment】
・The date of withdrawal from the credit card company is subject to the regulations of the credit card company in use.
・If you use PayPay payment, it depends on the payment method you have registered with PayPay.
Refund・Cancellation We will not be able to entertain cancellations after the reservations have been submitted.
President and CEO Yoshimitsu Gotoh